AUTO-JET Muffler Corporation has been manufacturing exhaust systems since 1959. AUTO-JET MUFFLER has also built a muffler manufacturing business, United Muffler in London Ontario, Canada to compliment the tube bending business.


Through word of mouth the business has grown to over 200 active customers. Our advantage in being a small business is that decisions can be made quickly and a person always answers the phones.


Our quality is excellent. We have state of the art CNC benders and laser measuring equipment. Our fabrication department creates complete assemblies so the part just fits in place.


We bend from 1" to 6" diameter tubes. We utilize aluminized and stainless steel material. We have been working in the Tier IV environment and are well versed in working with engineers to help solve complex installation problems and cut costs wherever possible. No job is too big or too small.


Whether you need CAC, exhaust or radiator tubes we can supply your parts. If you need custom bent tubes we would be happy to look at them. Current applications include truck tubes, agricultural equipment tubes and construction equipment tubes.


We also are always willing to look outside of the box. We can custom bend tubes for applications in many industries, and we can also fabricate mufflers for your application. Whether it is a hard to find or completely new design, we are here to fill that order. The lead time would be no more than three weeks.


Our standard lead time is three weeks, no extra costs for prototypes or one piece orders.


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